Due nuovi ingressi nel cast di The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Le riprese di The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, la serie prodotta dai Marvel Studios, proseguono senza sosta a Praga dopo aver concluso la produzione nella città di Atlanta. Mentre attendiamo novità sulla data d’uscita, arrivano nuove informazioni sui membri del cast dello show.

The Hollywood Reporter svela che Danny Ramirez (On My Block, Top Gun: Maverick) interpreterà “un ruolo chiave”, mentre Murphy’s Multiverse riporta l’ingresso nel cast di Tyler Dean Flores (Il cavaliere oscuro – Il ritorno, Law & Order), che condividerà alcune scene con Erin Kellyman.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier' Adds 'The Gifted' Star Danny Ramirez

Tyler Dean Flores

AGGIORNAMENTO: Anche Veronica Falcon (Jungle Cruise, Perry Mason) è entrata nel cast della serie, come confermato dall’attrice con una foto su Instagram:

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#savethearts I was in Prague, working on a @marvel show, when I took this, seems like a million years ago, I can't believe it was only last March! I don't know when or how are we all going to go back to work, everyone in the industry is trying to figure it out, working hard trying to find a way for us to do it safely, not an easy task. I think of the many people & their families affected & my heart breaks, I think of the many theaters closing their doors forever & my soul weeps. The film industry in countries like my Mexico will hardly recover. Even here, in Hollywood many movie theaters, post production & production services, casting, talent & managment agencies will have a hard time recovering. Theaters everywhere from small independent spaces to #Broadway & the #Westend have been dark for months, opera houses, ballet companies, orchestras & performance spaces all over the world are disappearing, thousands of families are struggling and due to the nature of our work, we are at the end of the spectrum to open up. We always say: #theshowmustgoon right now it seems almost impossible…#almost. We are a creative, hard working, passionate community, we are a huge family of dreamers. We are the ones that ran with the circus. Hell, we are the circus! We say the show must go on, and it will! For us and for you, the public. We need the arts, we need entertainment, we need artistic expressions, period! Just think of this Pandemic without films, music, dance,books, shows or art. And you, performers everywhere #inboccaallupo #muchamierda #toitoitoi #breakaleg we will repeat these phrases again, right before going on stage, as we did so many times before! We will play as the players that we are and yes the curtain will rise again, the cameras will roll, the orchestras will play. We the actors, dancers, singers & musicians will perform for you and for us. And you, the audience will once again come to the theaters, the concert halls, the museums & the movies, you will continue to read the books, to watch our shows & complete our work by receiving it as you always have.Why?because art, creative expression are important for us all and are a vital part of our souls.

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier è una serie prodotta dai Marvel Studios in arrivo su Disney+ nel 2021. 

Nel cast torneranno Anthony Mackie (Sam Wilson/Falcon), Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes/Soldato d’Inverno), Daniel Brühl (Helmut Zemo), Emily VanCamp (Sharon Carter/Agente 13) e Georges St-Pierre (George Batroc), insieme alle new entry Wyatt Russell (John Walker/US Agent), Clé Bennet (Lemar Hoskins/Battlestar) e Desmond Chiam.

Questa la sinossi ufficiale:
«In seguito agli eventi di Avengers: Endgame, Sam Wilson/Falcon e Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier si uniscono in un’avventura globale che mette alla prova le loro abilità e la loro pazienza».

Kari Skogland alla regia, Malcolm Spellman come showrunner.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier fa parte della Fase 4 dell’Universo Cinematografico Marvel. Leggi la nostra scheda dedicata!

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